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The AoS Masters - 26/27th Jan in Derby


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Hi everyone.

I am happy to announce the The Age of Sigmar Masters 2018 

Held on 26-27th January 2019


The event is sponsored by Boards and Swords in Derby who have kindly helped us  keep the masters as a free event for the players.

Check them out at: www.boardsandswords.co.uk

The Venue

Boards and Swords Hobbies
3 Jubilee Parkway,
Jubilee Business Park,
Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ

The nearest hotel is:

Travel Lodge Derby Cricket Ground

Masters Invites

Invites of the masters will be given out to the top 15 players in the Bad Dice Rankings along with the current champion Jack Armstrong at the close of the current rankings season on 8th December 2018.

Invites will be sent out on Monday 10th December and must be accepted within 24 hours or it will be offered to the next person on the list.

Invites must be accepted by 8pm on Tuesday 11th December.

Additional Invites will be issued in order of their final rankings position.

Once the 16 places are filled a further 4 players will be offered reserve spots and be asked to submit army lists.

After the army lists have been made public no further invitations will be made.  A spare player will be available at the event and their army list will be submitted

The current line up of players invited is


 Army List Submission

 Army lists must be submitted at baddice.co.uk/listsubmission no later than midnight on Wednesday 9th Jan 2019 and not shared online until lists are revealed.

The UK Masters Rules Pack

We will be playing 6 games over the weekend.  Each table will have a game mat and terrain provided.  Terrain Warscroll will be used for any Games Workshop terrain on the tables. Any other terrain will use the Scenery table.

The event will take place in the Realm of Aqshy (FIRE)

All wizards will know the Fireball Spell and Firestarter command ability from the Core Book.

In each round following Battleplans will be played along with the Realmscape features and Spell of the Realms listed below.

  1. Relocation Orb
  • Geysers of Boiling Blood
  • Spell: Stoke Rage


  1. Star Strike
  • Burning Skies
  • Spell: Incandescent Form


  1. Better Part of Valour
  • Every step a League
  • Spell: Parch


  1. Total Commitment
  • Clouds of Smoke and Steam
  • Spell: Inferno Blades


  1. Places of Arcane Power
  • Flaming Missiles
  • Spell: Fiery Blast


  1. Focal Points
  • Scorched Landscape
  • Spell: Glare of Vulcatrix

The Hidden Agendas will be in play and 6 of them must be chosen on your army list to be used one per game. The Hidden Agenda triumph rules will not be used.

Soft Scores. 


5 points will be awarded per turn completed at the event.

25 Points per game will be awarded for gentlemanly conduct.  These are issued or removed at the tournament organisers discretion


Armies must be appropriately fully painted, based on rounds or ovals and cohesive.  

up to 20 points will be awarded in each of these 3 sections at the tournament organisers discretion for a total of 60 points.

Models not painted or on incorrect bases will be removed from the game and counted as destroyed and no points will be awarded for painting

We fully expect everyone to get maximum scores in both these sections, I am not looking to reward excellence

Any questions, send photos in advance to bencurry@baddice.co.uk

Army List

Army Lists that are sent in on time, legal and in the correct format will get 30 points

If your list is late or illegal you will get 0 points.

Army lists must be submitted at baddice.co.uk/listsubmission before midnight on Weds 9th Jan

There will be no leeway on penalties.  It is Christmas and everyone is busy, so if you think it might be a problem over the holidays send it in now.  

The same applies to timekeeping. Ensure you select an army that you are able to play in the time allotted and are keeping track of the time taken during your games.  No-one wants to see the masters decided on a timekeeping penalty or late game.


Major Win - 30
Minor Win - 25
Minor Draw 15
Minor Loss - 5
Major Loss - 0


Soft Scores
Lists - 30
Sports - 300
painting - 60

Winning the Masters

 The person crowned as the Master will be the player with the most points overall
Ties will be separated by the results of the game between those players game  (this will not be used in the masters open)
Overall > Head to Head > Hidden Agendas Scored> Soft Scores > Total Units killed.


There will be awards for the following:

The Master
2nd place
3rd place
Most Sporting
Best Painted

Good luck and I will see you all at the event!


Tournament Organiser Ben Curry

email: bencurry@baddice.co.uk

Twitter @baddice_podcast

Instagram @bencurry







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