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Justice Series

Events UK

Event details

This will be the a one day, 20-player, 3-game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles.

Entry is £15 per player advanced purchase or £17.50 on the day. Every player will receive £5 store credit and also get a hot lunch served from our kitchen (lunch options to be confirmed)

Rules and Painting Requirements

Battleplans: We will be using all 18 missions in the General's Handbook 2018 matched play section for battleplans. A battleplan will be randomly selected at the start of each round.

Realms: Each round will be fought in a randomly determined realm. Realmscape features will not be used. In addition, Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, will not be used.

Standard General's Handbook 2018 rules will be in use along with all current Games Workshop FAQ's. Scoring will follow a Major/Minor victory system:

  • Major Win: 30 Tournament Points
  • Minor Win 15 Tournament Points
  • Draw: 10 Tournament Point
  • Minor Loss: 5 Tournament Points
  • Major Loss: 0 Tournament Points

Whoever has the most tournament points will be crowned Best General and declared the winner of the event. In the case of a tie, we will use Strength of Schedule as a tiebreaker; then Extended Strength of Scedule in the very unlikely case of a secondary tie, we will use total victory points scored as the next tiebreaker.


We have updated our painting rules to allow people more flexibility as they start collecting and painting a army with scoring to represent this. It is not about having excellent painting miniatures just a standard we can all achieve and if you don't have a painted army that's fine to you will just miss out on some scoring and therefore are very unlikely to place highly.

Minimum standard is all models fully assembled on the correct size base and undercoated NO grey plastic.

  • Painted: 10pts – Your army has been painted with a minimum of 3 Colours and has a  Wash or Dry brush applied (or other suitable form of extra detail). 
  • Based: 5pts – Bases (clear flying bases excluded) have some form of texture. 
  • Cohesive Scheme: 5pts – All models look like they all belong to the same Army.


  • 9:30am Doors open for registration.
  • 9.55am Announcements and first round pairings.
  • 10.00am Round 1 Begins
  • 12.30pm Round 1 Ends
  • Lunch
  • 1.00pm Round 2 Begins
  • 3.30pm Round 2 Ends
  • 3.45pm Round 3 Begins
  • 6.15pm Round 3 Ends
  • 6.30pm Award ceremony and tournament end

The round timer will be on display along with regular timing updates from the TO. Players should endeavour to play an equal number of turns in the allotted time where possible; when time on the round is called you will have 5 minutes to summit your result before the TO takes a result as it is on the table.


The winner will receive the Justice Series trophy!

Sign Ups and List Submission

Sign up and submit your lists here. All lists must be submitted prior to the start of the event.

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