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Coalescence Global Narrative Event

Community Calendar

Event details

Our 2nd Year of Coalescence is titled The Desolation of Eristrat!

Our plot picks up after last year's events and focuses on portions of the realms that have been destroyed by Eristrat. Players sign up for two factions, attempting to Empower or Banish the godbeast. We've written story hooks to help players feel like either choice makes sense for their allegiance.

Something new that will be in our pack is a branching story, so the results of Game One lead to one of two possible battleplans for Game Two, each of which can spawn two possible outcomes for Game 3. We encourage the NEOs to construct the story of their event to join the overall narrative of Coalescence.

As part of this design, we know that NEOs won't have a good deal of ability to prep for all these possible games. To help this, we're designing these as smaller games that wrap quicker and give the players longer to consider their story  

The course of the story is set as Banish or Empower wins games, but just like last year we'll find the winning team through other means besides straight victory. Look for something like last year's achievement scorecard, with even tighter integration into the story that's told through your games.

Like last year we'll tally the results of the individual events and use this to advance the story of Coalescence.

If you want to run Coalescence for your community, find your space for June 23rd! You will have the pack by the end of April.

Thanks to all the NEOs that provided feedback to make this event better.




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