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Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play


Events UK

Event details

This is a two day, 5 game event run by the people who brought you 5 Bunker Brawls and 5 Dawns of a New age in the world that was.  

2000 points -.  All units in play.

Held at Wayland Games in Hockley Essex.  Venue can hold over 100 gamers, bar and food on site - close to the High St 

Ticket Link  - https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/event-tickets/44254-time-for-heroes-age-of-sigmar-2018-hockley

Event pack 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/0kx149tib7d5bla/Time for heroes.docx?dl=0


Feel free to message me with any questions - looking forward to welcoming you to my first AoS event!

£35 entry for the two days - 80 gamer slots confirmed.  Aiming for £100 winners prize, depending on entrants.

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Due to forthcoming changes to the rules we will suspend this pack and and rewrite when Version 2 is out!

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Great event incoming will be my first tournament in the UK, but a question about the timetable. It's stated that both first games on saturday and sunday last only 1,5h each? Will it remain like this or will You increqse the time to 2,5 hours like the other games.

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yes - for some reason there are two posts for this event - the other one has been corrected - all game at 2.5 hrs


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Event pack on this page republished.  Re realms.  I am happy for each player to use them if they want - will not be enforced for this one.  

Endless Spells are in play. 

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