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The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar


Events UK

Event details

Hi all,  I am pleased to announce that The Sheffield Slaughter, the UK's oldest Warhammer tournament is set for the weekend of 27th/28th January 2018 at the usual venue the Davy Sporting Club in Sheffield. The event will be run by Ady McWalter and Pete Scholey and will be a 2000 point Match Play event straight out of the Generals Handbook 2017 (cos its ace). A Slaughter pack is nearing completion and we will post a link to it very soon.  We have enough room for 80 players and will make every effort to increase that number to 100. If you fancy playing at the event send your entrance fee of £35 via paypal to peterscholey@btopenworld.com        Look forward to seeing you there    Ady Mc




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