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Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament


Events UK
Marc Wilson

Event details

Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament
London Gatwick March 2-4th 2018

In association with The South London Legion I am delighted to announce the inaugural AoS International Team Tournament – Blood Tithe. The event will be staged at the Arora Hotel, London Gatwick – March 2-4th 2018. The event will be a 5 game, 2000 points, 4 man team, GHB2 matched play tournament with additional gaming opportunities on the Friday night, and arranged activities on the Saturday night TBC. We have space for 20 teams/80 players.

 ### We have mulled heavily over the 'International' element to this. There are obvious connotations towards ETC with that tag, however this is not intended as a replacement. Like with the recent 6 Nations, it may well be a seed which germinates to something more - but this event is not ETC AoS. Likewise we want to be inclusive not prescriptive with our teams - we think that's where AoS 'is' - the best of both worlds. Efforts have been taken and TOs contacted to avoid clashing with other tournaments ###

Location: Gatwick is 15 minutes from the M25, easily accessible by public transport from London and not least the cheap short haul hub of Europe and beyond. This surely presents our European (and other!) cousins with a viable opportunity to compete against other domestic and International teams. Once arrived there will be very little extra travel to factor in, unless you combine it with a trip to Central London, which is 30 minutes away by regular train (London Victoria).

Venue: The Arora hotel is part of the Sofitel chain and has a dedicated conference space which we will use for gaming (complete with it’s own bar).  It is adjacent to the railway system – an 8 minute hop to Gatwick. Crawley town centre, with myriad eating and drinking spots a 2 minute walk away. Lunch will be provided by the hotel both days. The hotel has twin rooms from @£65 per night at time of writing. We have separated out accommodation from the ticket cost to leave it up to individual teams to decide where they stay (lunch, to repeat, is included). The hotel website has comprehensive details about airport transfers: http://Gatwick.arorahotels.com
Please note hotel parking is £10 for 24 hours, there is however an alternative open air car park 100m away which is £3.70 for 24 hours.

Cost: Team of 4: All gaming, lunch both days: £180 (£45.00 PP)

How to Enter: We will start taking entries in a couple of weeks once the prospect percolates; it takes a little time to form teams and we don't want people missing out. Stating your interest will be a helpful indicator. Please note - this venue is booked.
If you do not have a ready- made team but wish to be a prospective captain or a mercenary (a great way to meet fellow gamers) please contact us, or post here.  Team events are ideal to attend as your first matched play event.

The Tournament: This will be a 5 game , 4-man team tournament, using a “Swiss Pairings” method for determining opponents from Round 2 onwards. Pairings will be used (details in pack). Lists will be publicised two weeks before the event. Where possible in the first round International Teams will be drawn against Domestic Teams, thereafter the draw will be open.

Event Opens 1400
Open Gaming 1200-LATE TBC
Probable Skirmish Mini Event TBC

Registration (if not registered Friday): 0800-0900
Round 1 Pairings 0915-0930
Game 1: 0930-1200
Lunch: 1200-1300 
Round 2 Pairings 1300-1315
Game 2: 1315-1545
Break / Round 3 Pairings 1545-1615
Game 3: 1615 -1845
Saturday Night - TBC but organised

Round 4 Pairings 0845-0900
Game 4: 0900-1130
Lunch 1130-1230 (Best Painted / Coolest Army display)
Round 5 Pairings 1230-1245
Game 5: 1245-1515
Awards: 1530-16.00
Event Closes: 1600
Please note that Sunday is slightly earlier and slightly more condensed – this is to allow for transport connections.

The Destroyers of Worlds (1st Place Overall)
The Council of Blood (2nd Place Overall)
The Murderhost (3nd Place Overall)
The Lords of the Isles (1st Place Domestic Team)
The Local Despots (2st Place Domestic Team)
The Griff-Hound Spirits (3rd Place Domestic Team)
The National Treasures (Most team painting votes)
The Inspiration of Ages (Coolest Individual Army)
Beauty Beholden (Best Individual Painted Army)
The Wandering Minstrels (Best Team Sports)

Army Selection:
This will be a Single List 2000 points tournament. Each player must play their own list for all games. No two team armies may have a duplicate warscroll, nor a duplicate allegiance.  Allegiance abilities, traits, etc must be listed and not change on a game-by-game basis. 
House Rules and FAQ TBC post GHB2.

The 5 missions will be decided and publicised in the pack post GHB2 at the earliest opportunity. Everyone will play the same mission each round.

Scoring will be based on a 20-0 system
Major Win: 15 
Minor Win: 10
Draw:           8
Minor Loss: 5
Major Loss: 0
In addition, there will be 5 secondary objectives missions, which will be present in each of the 5 games each player competes in.  In each case to score a secondary objective it must be at the same time gained and denied to an opponent. For each secondary objective scored you receive 1 point and your opponent subtracts 1 point. TBC
Secondary objectives are TBC post GHB2 release.
Total team points per round will be capped at 60/30

Tie Breaker 1 – Uncapped TP total.
Tie Breaker 2 – Most Secondary Missions completed.
Tie Breaker 3 – Most Major Victories.
Please note in order to keep the advertised timings and to avoid overly punitive play Kill Points will not be recorded during the event and will be used only in missions where Kill Points are a deciding factor.

All armies must be fully painted and based on suitable round bases. Anything not reaching this minimum standard will be removed from the table, and will count as destroyed. There is quite a long lead up to the tournament so there’s real excuse not to conform to this norm. The organisers will request a selection of armies be set up on Sunday Lunchtime for voting. You will be advised if you are on the shortlist.

10 pieces of 28mm terrain will be provided on each table. The Scenery Table will be in effect and as per the 4 page rulebook. You are welcome to bring your own terrain if it adds to the aesthetic of your army and is not deemed to be outlandishly large or unsuitable. You can purchase scenery dice from http://scenerydice.co.uk/ or alternatively bring suitable markers.

List Submission and Draw
Lists must be submitted by 23.59 Sat Feb 17th. Once verified they will be published w/c 19th Feb.
The 1st round Draw will take place Monday 26th Feb.


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