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Battles are not just won by a single being, it is achieved by a group working together to achieve an overall goal. This is what the Orthrus tournament is here to honor as we welcome you to take part in a team-based Age of Sigmar tournament.

We'll be releasing more information about this event in the weeks to come. Tickets will be going up at a later date.

Event details

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A one day, 3 game Age of Sigmar tournament of 2000 point pitched battles.

Entry is £5 per player advanced purchase or £7.50 on the day.

Painting Requirements and House Rules.

Miniatures must be painted (3 colors and based) and be the appropriate GW models if you have any queries about this contact us in advance.

Otherwise General Handbook 2017 rules will be in use with random mission each round but we will not play the same mission twice.

Full rulepack can be found here



The winner will receive a trophy.

Sign Ups

Sign up and submit your lists here

Event details

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HobbyHammer is pleased to present this AoS Narrative Event down in the South East of England by the sandy beach of Ramsgate on the weekend of the 16th-19th February 2018
Welcome to the next instalment of The Rise of Empires series! We really wanted to bring you a 2 day full event.
 Be prepared for a full 2 day immersive story telling event! This event is now open to 40 people.
Over the course of the two days, you will be thrown into an immersive map campaign telling epic tales of your army pushing for territories. This will be played over various sized games from Hinterland Style level to full on warfare. There will be events happening over the weekend that will set you back or propel you forward into dominance as this is of course.. The Age of Change! This is a narrative event in which the story comes first. Each alliance will be striving to gain advances in a newly formed city in the Realm of Ghyran. 
We want the hobby to take president and as such awesome prizes and awards shall be given for hobby and narrative orientated feats. There shall be no prize for overall Champion. Instead for..
Best Army (Painted) Coolest Army (Themed) Most Epic moment Highest Renown Best Sportsman Best Story Worst Luck!  We will also have the venue open on the Saturday evening for open gaming and drinking. 
The Pack will be coming shortly. So stay tuned for that. 
Tickets will be priced at £45 and includes lunch on both days, there is a bar in the venue serving anything you like (including Real Ales), these are all very well priced as it is a social club. Tickets will be on sale later in the year but for now please declare your interest below. 
Who is ready to defend their territories and expand their empires?

Event details

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Hi guys,
I'll be running an 1 day 2000 point AOS tournament in Stirling next year. 17th February 2018 at the wonderful Common Ground Games in Stirling.
Looking at 32 players max just now.
Pack will follow shortly but expect a fairly vanilla 3 game tournament pack
£15 a person, includes lunch. I'll add in the payment process later.
Sign up below!

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Join us for Blood, Death and Vengeance III

You are invited to do battle at our latest Age of Sigmar event to be held in our gaming loft on 24th February! We're based in a town near Exeter called Crediton.

You will need an army of 2000 points picked from the pitched battle profiles available in Battletomes or the General’s Handbook 2017. Armies do not have to be painted though there is a prize for best painted army on the day. The event takes place over three games.
Players will be asked to play in the spirit of friendly competition.


09:00 - 09:30: Registration
09:30– 12:00 Game 1
12:00– 13:00 Lunch
13:00– 15:30 Game 2
16:00– 18:30 Game 3
18:30 Prize giving

Best general will be calculated using the following:
3 points for a major victory
2 points for a minor victory
1 point for a loss

Points for units destroyed will be recorded each round and used for Swiss draw

Best painted army 1 point (added at the end)
Favourite overall player 1 point (added at the end)

Top General: A start collecting set of your choice and a trophy!
Trophies for top 3, best painted, favourite player, judges choice best army.

House rules:
Armies should use the appropriate information from the General's Handbook 2017. Additionally we measure from the base, not the model. Allegiance abilities, artifacts and command traits will be used and should be recorded on your roster for the whole tournament

Parking - there is £2 all day parking at St Saviours Way carpark which is a 3 minute walk to the shop.

There are plenty of food options in Crediton, and were also looking at offering a delivered lunch option.

Other Information
Please note we are unable to offer refunds within 7 days of the event.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask at store@kirtongames.com

Event details

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Hi all,
We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event.
This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. 
It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points.
We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6..
Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com
The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar.
We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!!

Event details

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