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The Bleakswords

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Figuring that every army needs its battleline I decided to finish off a unit of bleakswords. These guys are nice and quick to paint. Really fun to smash out. If anyone is looking for a quick unit to work on between projects then I would definitely recommend considering these guys.

I also tried taking Old Stonebeard's advice and turned down the lighting a bit to give the photos a more natural feel. I think it's helped slightly but I'm fairly limited in what I can do in my current location. I will still try to improve my photography skills over the up-and-coming next few posts. I guess its time to read up on some photography blogs.

Still considering ways in which I should take my army build. I feel like its time for a general but I am unsure what suits best for a dark aelves army. I've been reading up on the rules for the units and not much seems to strike my interest - all the cool units seem imbalanced points wise (apart from the sorceress). I might just wait till the GHB17 comes out.


"Bleakswords forsake the spear and the repeater crossbow, deeming the former a peasant's weapon and the latter a craven armament. Instead, they wield slender duelling blades that flash past an enemy's guard to slit his throat or pierce his heart."



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Recommended Comments

Looking good! I personally found the dreadspears to be quite a bore to paint but happy you had fun with the swords :D 
As for heroes/generals, I just based an old Malus darkblade to use as a mounted dreadlord. The command ability does not synergise anymore but he looks quite decent in combat. But compendium. 

Otherwise you could go for the dreadlord on dragon. Quite expensive but packs a punch. His ability can target any order serpentis unit. So himself, your knight and any hydras or chariots you add. 

Helped me immensely because it is the only hero with an applicable command ability left*, made it easy and fast to go from 1.500pt to 2.000 and he was a joy to paint. (also quite fast)

*I purposefully ignored the fleetmaster because dang, my 30 corsairs have not once won a combat even when buffed. It's insane they just hit like a wet towel. Or as we like to say in the Netherlands: 'they couldn't strike a dent in a packet of butter.' I fielded them about 8 games and not once was I happy I brought them. 

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