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This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

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I could use a few more characters in this beastly army. I'm not crazy about the Doombull model, but I did like the idea of a 'monstrous infantry' scale character to push them around.

So behold - the Doomboar!


It's a Mierce Miniatures model - "Broga, the Wereofor Thegn" to be precise, and it was a dream to paint. If you've not used the company before: the models are resin, generally compatible with Warhammer stuff, and priced at Forge World level (which is why I've only started with one of them).

So now my Skin Wolves have some company in the big infantry section (although it would make for a very weird fairy tale)


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I like the boar's darker tone as it sets him apart well from the skin wolves. But, let's be honest, I love everything skin wolf.

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