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2017 Painters challenge Deadline 2

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So Deadline 1 had me painting Nurglich (Epidermis) and 10 plague censers. 
Model count 11 
Deadline 2 currently consists of

20 plague monks (140pts)


I know, but I am getting there slowly, I think this round may have to just block, dip and highlight. I hate painting non-character infantry. 
plus I still have 20 bases to do too. 


Fen beast (Beast of Nurgle) 60 pts. 


this is him not finished, but after his first dip in the quickshade. 
A bit more work and definition and he will look less like a sh*t demon, although, kind of appropriate for a beast of nurgle. 


The model itself is a Malefaux, bad Juju mire golem. 


This takes my total model count up to 32. 
which for a skaven army, isn't too bad. 

I was thinking for the final deadline, given we will have another 500pts to play with. I might go for a Plague Furnace, A verminlord and a couple of chaos familiars. 

the next hand in is this coming Monday, and I will pop up another entry to show you the finished results on these figures. 


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