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The Krell Bomb - Firestorm Fours 2017 - Game 3




Game 3 was against the Bristol Big Uns.

It was the third game of the day and against a Grot/Ironjawz force. However, my game had the distinction of being the only game of AoS that I didn't enjoy in any way. A truly dismal mixture of arguments about everything (whether Fanatics count as a drop when deployed for example), slow playing, chatting to a third party during the game to further slow things down and my opponent's ignorance of the basic stats of his general (movement 4 Megaboss).

Ben got an 11-9 win, but James and Tom were defeated. I got a 16-4 victory.

Sadly, this meant that our team lost 32-48 overall.

I made a small error in deployment, such that Settra was out of range of the Tomb King, which made my turn one alpha strike less brutal. Nevertheless, the Necropolis Knights rocked up to 3" away from the Moonclan Grots in a spread out line. The Fanatics came out to play, but rolling a 2-2 for a charge meant that one died and his buddy didn't make it in, while the other Fanatic only pinned one snake. The first pile in smacked into his forces and did brutal damage. The second pile in added to the first.

The counter attack was painful, following a double turn I went down to just one snake remaining. However, thanks to the 1" bases of the Grots surrounding the last Knight, I was able to reach over and restore a model behind the Grots (there was another argument about this) and then another 2 Knights popped up. I ultimately took down the Megaboss and was well into crushing his right flank. On the left his general and buddies made some progress. A unit of 10 Zombros managed to not die to the attacks from a Megaboss which tipped the major victory to me. Had we gotten five turns it might have been a tabling.

16-4 to me and a disappointing 32-48 overall. I was completely shattered by this point.

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