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The Krell Bomb - Firestorm Fours 2017 - Game 2



Once again I engineered the draw so that I might get the chance to take on the Sylvaneth Gnarlroot player and once again this option was presented to me and I took advantage of it. Game 2 ended up being a remarkable carbon copy of Game 1. We were playing the WWW team, which had had some drop outs (I think Paddy dropped out from memory). Ben @Thanatos Ares ended up stomping 19-1 on the poor Claire (who was pretty new to the game). It was a friendly affair though, with the players having a good chat afterwards. James went down to Chaos Warriors I seem to recall, while Mick (who deserves kudos for flying in that morning while wasted to make the event) brutalised our Tom 20-0 using the Changehost battalion (this was pre-DoT - it's an old battalion). 

In my game, the Sylvaneth went first again, popped out some Wyldwoods and sent forward Durthu and Kurnoths. Then in my first turn, a buffed up Arkhan deleted Durthu and possibly the Ancient as well in the same turn, while the Krell Bomb wreaked havoc. This time I don't think my opponent John actually had an Order Wizard in the list, which was odd. After that it was mopping up from the Necropolis Knights. I got a 19-1 victory.

Totting it up, we edged it 42-38!

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