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How to create a promotional flyer

How to NEO



If you're signed up to run your own Coalescence event on June 10th then you should have seen the first part of the event pack arrive in your inbox. The last page of that document included a graphic with some open space ready to be filled with details concerning the location, start and end times, and how to register for your own local Coalescence event!

Coalescence.jpg.777c38e3369bb373b93bcabc2bb1b90b.jpgOpening the graphic in an editing program and adding some text can provide a great flyer personalized to your particular local event. @Bostian created one for the event he's running at his local public library to share on social media pages to promote and get players planning to attend.


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Still waiting for a mail for infos.

I hope the artwork also comes with a version without any text so we can localize it to German.

(I have all standard design software available)

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PM sent and email sent from Coalescence.event@gmail.com

Apologies for not noticing your comment until now.


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