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Ruins of Osgiliath to be used for AoS

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I'd seen the GW blog post prior to WHF that said they'd be selling these OOP ruins again. I'd missed them first time around as Hobbit/LotR happened during my twelve year break from tabletop gaming. 

The ruins were packaged in a plastic zip locked bag rather than the cardboard box. 

It was the price tag that made it an instant purchase - £18.

This was a painted on Saturday afternoon. I made a mistake during the process by picking up the wrong paint to use. It was only the following day I realised what had happened. That said, it's become a happy mistake - it looks pretty good. Looking forward to putting this down on my new battle-mat this weekend for some four player action.

Paint scheme:

  • Spray with white. Base Rakarth. Pick out random stones with a light and medium brown. Wash with soft tone
  • Drybrush w/ rakarth/white* mix. Then dry w/ white
  • Bronze is a bright bronze, soft wash, bronze then oxide
  • The wood was dark grey base, wash dark tone, drybrush lighter grey, drybrush white

*This is what I intended to do. What I actually did was mix Kislev Flesh with White. So the tone was much lighter than it should have been.






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