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Nice one!

Always good to see people who think about an answer to those threats instead of just shouting "NERF!!!".

Even though Kunnin' Rukk probably still is a bit OP.

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It is OP and probably bad for the game. I do think it will be nerfed but for the time being it's a list that exists and there are counters to it. Thank you for the read!

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Nice Run down, i liked how you took it step by step. I think the Kunnin Rukk is a clear "Rock, Paper Scissors" List. If the Ruk fights my Moonclan Grot List, i will be at a sever disadvantage, not un-win-able but alot harder. but if the Ruk faces a gnarlroot Sylvaneth list, i would put money on the trees. i can just see a durthu with a 1+ re-rolling armor save cutting down arrowboys by the dozen.

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That's why the Battalion is usually part of a bigger list, like I run three Thundertusks for example. By itself it's very R/P/S as you said, there's a good bit of anti-shooting tech in the game. I expect Thundertusks to get nerfed too. :P

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