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This is the current state of my Lord of Change, I have chosen a very different colour scheme that will match some of the details on the next lot of Marauders. I started with a Mephiston Red undercoat and then sprayed on the purple to the wing tips and the feet using a spray can rather than trying to blend it or worry about the airbrush. This made the initial base coat a lot faster to do. 


The details were dry brushed up with wild rider red and Kislev flesh on the red which works nicely as a top highlight. My intention was to go in and highlight the face carefully as this will be the stand out part of the mode. There doesn't seem to be any real benefit in terms of time vs quality achieved to highlight all the individual feathers, although I have gone round the wing tips with Palyd Which Flesh to give a nice bright highlight on the edges of the purple. 

I am currently working through the gold and the blue armour and I have been using the Duncan video to try and see how it turns out. I am currently pretty happy with the whole thing. The only thing that I am really not a fan of is trying to paint the tabard as the detail is quite flat and the complexity of the folds and position makes this a very tricky piece to paint with any real quality. Fortunately it is hidden away and will probably not be that visible on the final model when it is based. 

Overall I think this is a great model and its been a lot of fun to paint so far. 



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Beautifully done, and the colour scheme works great. There's enough slightly unsettling variation, contrast and (dare I say?) change to put it squarely in the weirder, more exotic world of Tzeentch when the same tones applied flatly might be more reminiscent of Khorne. Bravo! :)

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