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Tyler did a wonderful job on the whole thing!  My role was primarily reading the rules, correcting overwhelmingly broken stuff (like the spell that previously granted a trigger of mortal wounds on a 6+ to wounds; like Skeleton Hordes needed this ;) ), and do all of the pointing.  So if anything is underpowered or overpowered compared to the points, you can blame me.  Some of the stuff are right on the edge, meaning that they're a very good value for their points, but I don't think anything is an auto include for its points.  Otherstuff likely won't see the table most of the time simply because you would have to build around them (Khemric Titan).  It was definitely a fun project and I'm glad Tyler invited me to be part of it :)   

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Thats a great looking book. One thing I didn't quite get from the show though - Its official GW approved right....?


(How funny am I....?)

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