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Scream(er) if you want to go faster.

Ugly Green Trog



Just a small update on my first bit of painting progress. The screamers were a nice simple model to assemble with only four pieces but the kit has enough options to really vary the different daemons you get in it. I initially went for a marine predator feel with subtle shades of blue but they looked rather bland so I've blended (well attempted to) the dorsal fins and spines with purples to add more Tzeentch vibrancy. 


The blending still needs a bit more work and I think I'll have to do the underside spines a little as you can see them on the flight base. I'm undecided on leaving the eyes pupil-less or not, I like the idea of a serpent like eye but they currently remind me of the sentinels from the matrix with just a red glow.



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