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Putrid Blightkings



After finishing Archaon I wanted to start with the Nurgle section of my force mainly because the putrid blightking models have always interested me and now gave me a reason to by and paint some. Here is the progress of my 10 man strong unit so far. I have only finished 3 so far because I wanted to sample the scheme before using it on all of them. I am happy with this overall scheme because I didn't want to have the obvious green armour and so chose to have a more bronze armour, glazed green to imply that Nurgle's blessing has mutated it this colour. I have also finished building and primed Bloab Rotspawned and plan to work on him after finishing these.


Tomorrow I am also having a game against my friends Orruks. We are using a points system from the SCGT and so create a list of 150 points and then field 100 of those. This is the list I plan to use which includes most of the Age of Sigmar models I own so far, so limits my options somewhat. I don't think I will be settling on this list because I want to still include minions of each god in my list.

-Archaon 35 points

-Varanguard (3) 12 points

-Blightkings (10) 16 points

-Bloab Rotspawned 14 points

-Gaunt Summoner 5 points

-Skullreapers (5) 8 points

-Wrathmongers (5) 8 points

-Bloodsecrator 6 points

-Bloodstoker 3 points

-Slaughterpriest 4 points

-Khorgorath (2) 12 points

-Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage 12 points

-Bloodreavers (20) 10 points

-Bloodwarriors (5) 5 points



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