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Slightly more colorful dinosaur



After some searching for images of lizard color patterns, I thought I would try a line of different colored scales down his side. Not terribly wide, but a variety of colors. The end result is probably more like stained glass coloration than I expected, but I think it adds some color to a fairly drab scheme.


He still leaves most of the color saturation on the base and with the rider, so maybe I'll paint the ornaments and see what I think after that. Teeth and claws still need color too, so that might start to make it feel more complete. 


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Recommended Comments

I like that your trying to inject some colour into him but I feel you may have been better painting the armour and other parts first and then apply the colour, it looks good so far.

Maybe another option would be to paint the spine to match the feathers.

I love how the Nurgle lord is almost the same colour as the plants, very clever from a distance he blends in perfectly and adds a bit of drama to the base, the colouration of your skinks is also a nice touch.

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