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At Ease Carnage Tournament Recap




Yesterday was the At Ease Carnage tournament held at At Ease Games in San Diego. The event was run by our very own Scott Reed utilizing the upcoming Las Vegas Open tournament pack. The turnout was phenomenal! We had 20 players show up for the 3 round event. It was the largest Age of Sigmar tournament in the SoCal area to date.

For the tournament Scott utilized West Coast pairings. This automated the matchup process along with Swiss scoring and ITC points. At Ease Games provided all the tables needed with F.A.T. Mats and tons of terrain.


I ran with my Nurgle themed Chaos list for the tournament. My 2000 point list consisted of:

  • The Glotkin
  • Bloab Rotspawned
  • Lord of Plagues (Chaos Runeblade)
  • Rotbringer Sorcerer (Beguiling Gem)
  • 4 units of 5 Putrid Blightkings
  • 10 Chaos Warriors (Nurgle)
  • Chaos Spawn (Nurgle)
  • Blightguard Battalion

I also had a 500 point sideboard:

  • Herald of Nurgle
  • 20 Plaguebearers
  • 2 units of 10 Plague bearers

For my first game I was matched against Frank DeLoach’s Destruction army. Our first scenario was Take and Hold. This was a super fun slobberknocker. Other than rushing my Chaos Spawn up the right flank towards an Ironblaster and Moonclan Grots our armies met in the middle. The fight came down to two components. The Glotkin and 5 Blightkings vs a Huskard on Thundertusk and a Thundertusk Beastriders; and 2 units of Blightkings with the Lord of Plagues, Rotbringer Sorcerer, and Bloab Rotspawned vs 12 Ogors and a Butcher. The Ogors were able to get a charge off into a unit of Blightkings but my Sorcerer popped the Beguiling Gem in the combat phase making them -2 to hit (Blightguard Formation confers an additional -1 to hit). This along with mystic shield kept all 5 of my Blightkings alive allowing them to attack back with a massive amount of attacks. My army receives an extra attack for being within 14″ of The Gotkin along with a possible +1 to hit with the Chaos Allegiance Ability. The other scrum saw The Glotkin take 12 mortal wounds in the shooting phase from the Huskar and Beastriders. The Huskar then charged The Glotkin but was unable to finish him off. I was able to pile in a unit of Blightkings along with The Glotkin and killed Franks general. The next couple of rounds was a slow demise of Franks Ogors and some unlucky rolls from the Beastriders (rolled a 1 for their mortal wound shooting and tons of misses in combat) allowing me to get to Frank’s objective and secure a major victory. Frank was a great opponent and super knowledgable and fun to talk to all things AoS.


Round two found me matched against Nick Eisenhart and his Clan Skyre tunnelers. The Battleplan was Blood and Glory. I came prepared, or thought I did, for a deepstriking mortal wound dealing army. I swapped my Glotkin with my Nurgle Daemons sideboard. The idea was to use them as a meat shield along with my Warriors of Chaos that ignored mortal wounds on a 5+. I bubble wrapped myself in in the left hand side of my deployment zone. The idea being to push out and hold my objective along with the left flank objective. Turn one I summoned one unit of 10 Plaguebearers out near the left flank objective and marched my army out while preserving my bubble wrap. Then Nick tunneled his rats in. Without going through the play by play Nick slowly mortal wounded me to the point where I was unable to hold any objectives after 3 rounds. When I got my Blightkings into combat they did great. I had two problems though. First, by bubble wrapping my damage dealing units in behind  my meat shield I couldn’t effectively kill rats fast enough to reach objectives in time to fend them off. Second, The Glotkin provides a ton of synergy. Losing an extra attack for all units within 14″ really stymied me. But, I think I did the right thing by swapping him with my sideboard (I mistakenly deployed my Chaos Spawn, it too should have been swapped with the Glotkin to keep my army at or under 2,000 points). Nick played his army and the mission to perfection for a Major Victory.


My final fight was against Josh Greenfield. Josh brought a beautifully painted Flesh Eaters Corpse army. The Battleplan was Escalation and I went with my original list. Josh’s deployment had him going heavy on my right flank objective, he held all his Ghouls in reserve under his  Battalions special rule. I deployed most of my army to contest the right flank along with a unit of Blightkings to grab the center objective and another to grab the left flank objective along with the Chaos spawn. Despite being 18″ or more from the right flank objective Josh was able to move in quickly with his 3 units of Crypt Flayers, Crypt Courtier, and Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon. As I expected the Ghouls came out near the left flank’s objective table edge. My plan was to slowly feed Josh units that can last a couple of combats to prevent his Ghoul tide from reaching the center objective while throwing most of my army at the right flight as I had the higher model count there and had no choice but to send The Glotkin and Bloab Rotspawned at the Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon. Having to deploy The Glotkin and Bloab 24″ from Josh’s deployment zone really hamstrung my plan as it took 4 turns to get The Glotkin into combat. In the meantime Josh and I were going back and forth on the right flank objective. In my turn I would secure the objective. In his turns he would clean out the unit that held the objective. The finger biting back and forth was super fun. On the left flank my piecemeal tactic worked but was probably the wrong tactic. Josh killed off the spawn and unit of Blightkings. On his way to the center objective he regenerated his units back to full strength were he slowly took the center objective from another unit of Blightkings and Lord of Plagues. Had I just let Josh take the left flank with only the Chaos Spawn to interfere I probably could have destroyed his units with two units of Blightkings and Lord of Plagues then worked to take back the objectives. Josh did everything right. He was textbook with deployment, movement, and combat activation sequence which earned him a well deserved Major Victory.


Once again this was another great tournament in the SoCal area. The icing on the cake was the catered food and new taproom. At Ease Games has partnered with Barrel Harbor Brewing and opened a huge event hall that connects to the main store. Having a beer between games with my fellow AoS players along with the gaming community vibe was the highlight of the day. Special thanks to Scott for putting this all together!


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