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Ammassing the forces of chaos




When Age of Sigmar was first released I was excited by the new models, specifically the Khorne Bloodbound and wanted to try out this new game. After playing several games with the starter set and the additional Khorne miniatures I found that no one else wanted to play Age of Sigmar specifically because at that stage the only additions were either for the Stormcast or Bloodbound and many didn't want to use their 8th edition fantasy armies.

Several  months later when the new Archaon the Everchosen model was released I found myself drawn to the model and was eager to play the game. After purchasing the model I still found that others shared little interest until recently.

When the Orruks were released, one of my friends who has also started a blog on here since (Walverine56) was really eager to try out Age of Sigmar and it helped reignite my interest in it too. I knew straight away that I wanted to revolve my army around Archaon and owning the model already, I decided to finally paint him now that I was inspired to do so. To start my journey here is my finished Archaon.


My overall plan for the army is to theme it around the minions of chaos amassing under Archaon's banner and so plan to have at least one unit and character in the army each resembling the scions of one of the chaos gods. So far for this theme I have bought 3 Varanguard for  Undivided, Bloab Rotspawned and 10 Putrid Blightkings for Nurgle, a Gaunt Summoner for tzeentch and 5 Wrathmongers for Khorne. I also plan to buy some Hellstriders for Slaanesh because I'm not willing to forget about him that easily. I was also unsure about what Tzeentch unit I would have aiding the Gaunt Summoner, until recently when the new Warhammer Quest was advertised. Also after reading about how Archaon was gifted the key to Scarbrands bonds I am thinking whether to include him as the Khornate character in the force.




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Thanks for the comments guys, the star was made by sketching it out first using pencil and then adding cork around the edges to create the bursting effect. 

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