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The Adventure Thus Far, and a Convergence of Fate

Tronhammer NZ



I've been gathering my army of Death since before the End Times.

Out of context, reading that sentence back makes me sound quite epic. But within the hobby, I am sure I'm not the only one.

For me it started with Nagash, my all time favourite special character, and has now grown to encompass the Dark Lord of Despair and his Deathrattle Horde - the Doomed Legion.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting back to the nitty-gritty (mostly gritty) of an Undead army. I enjoyed my army from 4th edition, but the new models are just spectacular.


My hope is to get 110 SCGT points done in time for NICON in June, and I am well on track. 

Even more exciting is this weekend, where my old-school Warhammer buddies and I are getting back to what we did best in the old days - MULTIPLAYER BATTLES. We are going to try out the Convergence of Fate Battlescroll, no holds barred. And it will be the first time I will field the Supreme Lord of the Undead, and his top Lieutenant.

There will be an entire contingent of scribes present for the battle, so there should be plenty to report, once the Deathlords have had the chance to survey their work. My opponents include the hated Settra and his legion of statue-fetishists from the Endless Desert, and Tyrion, Lord of Light, along with his brother and an army of foppish sycophants. I anticipate being on the receiving end of their alliance, at least to start with. Even now my spies are at work, spreading lies, and creating division.




In future posts I will regale you with tales from the battlefield, progress of The Great Summoning, and propaganda true histories of the background of the mighty villains heroes of my corner of the Realm of Shyish.

Until next time, mortal servants.



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