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I won a thing!




Hey there! So, the warchanter was finished yesterday in time for Legions of Legend at my local GW. Each entry is judged and there is a winner, and somehow this time it was my turn! Very pleased, I wanted to do my best with this but it was also a bit of a test model for how the brutes would be painted. Shifted my scheme around a bit, such as dropping the strapping colour, instead using the reddish leather for all straps including weapon bindings. I also changed the trousers from black to dark, washed out brown which I think worked a lot better. For the brutes I will make the extreme highlight a bit darker as it is a bit stark this time around. Anyway, onto photos!

Is it cheeky to see if I can get him in White Dwarf? ;)

I am very happy with him , the skin and bone came out perfectly. When I get round to bonesplittaz they should look ace :) Also the model draws the focal points so well naturally without paint, though I hope I helped enhance that feeling. You really do get drawn to his face and his sticks by the spikes and pose. I will write fluff for him and more general stuff for the tribe, continuing from my earlier part on the Weirdnob. Also going to give you all a teaser for my next force! Enough rambling, enjoy guys.





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Congrats dude, insanely well deserved. The highlights and contrasting colours are freakishly crisp and I love how well the subtle skull you've stuck on his gauntlet works.

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Thanks :) All this is filling me with confidence for when I get down to doing Tzeentch stuff, which might be harder and involves colours I use less. The skull is a weird addition to the sprue really, but yeah I guess it adds the crazy savage element.

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8 hours ago, mrstimpson38 said:

Grats, buddy. You can really tell you're progressing when you look at this piece.

Thanks :) If you check my forum thread I have him next to the weirdnob.

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14 hours ago, Bosmer Nightblade said:

This is nice. Has a very retro feel to it but done with modern skills.

I like :)

Thanks :) It's why I keep the rest of my scheme quite natural and neutral, since the green and red are so vibrant.

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