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Changing armies with 40 days to go...




Hello folks.

  A quick introduction is in order.  I'm Bill Castello, 1/3 of the hosts of the Rolling Bad Podcast, and I have started this blog in the back, dark corner of TGA to allow you to have a good laugh at my expense.  I have been into AoS since it first came out (day 1 adopter) but I never played a single game of WHFB in my life.  I have played GW games since Rogue Trader came to my FLGS when I lived in Germany.  It has been a hell of a ride, and I have loved every minute of it.  I did take the obligatory 10-15 year break from the hobby as I explored model railroading and scale modeling.

  As to modern times, after AoS came out I joined up with 2 friends from the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, Elric Edge and James Tapia, and started a podcast called "the Rolling Bad Podcast".  (you can find it here on TGA in the podcast area).  We decided that we all had to go to a big tournament, and we chose the Las Vegas open in February of 2017.  At the time of the decision, I had plenty of time to make my army and get it painted.  I was going all Seraphon, all the time.

  Why Seraphon?  Well, I blame Luke at the Phoenix Arizona games workshop store.  I was there on a business trip and he forced me to buy a Seraphon Getting started box and the big Thunderhost box set as well.  (and by forced, I mean he showed them to me and I impulse bought them.)  I liked the fluff and the background and they seemed very fun, compared to the no-magic-having Stormcast I was playing.  So, in for a dime, in for a dollar.  I bought it all.  I got a lot of it built and some of it painted as well.  Then it hit me like a ton of dread saurian.  Not only did they not perform well in matched play, but I was not enjoying the painting either.  It was becoming a chore, and it was certainly not fun. 

  I hemmed and hawed, and hemmed... then hawed.  I cogitated.  I slept on it.  (literally, I had the Seraphon battle-tome under my pillow one evening.)  Then it hit me.  I did not like the Seraphon army.  I'm not knocking them, but they weren't firing me up to play or paint.  They were not my cup of tea, as it were.

  What to do?  I have always played some version of undead or death in every game system I play (Cryx in warmachine etc.)  I like the look and feel of Death, and they got a little love with flesh eaters, right?  But, It was too late to change armies, wasn’t it?

  Nope.  I dashed off to the FLGS and bought the Skeleton horde Getting started box.  I already had a Zombie Regiment box and some Skellie boxes scattered about the nerd ranch.  (FYI - I call my house and all things in it, the nerd ranch).  The rest of the army is coming by way of the FLGS and Santa Claus's benevolence.

  So, that's how this little blog starts.  An idiot, inexperienced player with buyers remorse decided to change armies with 44 days before a Games Workshop sponsored major event and has dreams of doing well (like going 1-4 would be awesome!)

  Feel free to lambaste me and call me names, I am retired military and have a thick hide, you'll not hurt my feelings.  Call me anything, just not late for dinner!  And if you feel like being encouraging and supportive... well that's great too :)

  First night's progress?  One box of 10 Skellies is assembled...  From those Skeletons will issue forth the forces of death and destruction, laying wasted to all that stands between me and my destiny!!!

  I can't say I will blog every night, but I will try to keep it updated, so you can all laugh and enjoy the ride with me.

  Thanks for coming!!!


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Hey man. Since I play death, I could help you optimise your painting times if you want to. Let me know what are you fielding and I'll try to come up with a quick three-plus-one colour scheme for you.

Now get on with the painting!

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