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Getting started




Back in the autumn of 2015 I attended an AoS tournament up in Scotland at Stirling Games and 2 things happened that day.The 1st was I had an awesome time(and did pretty well even tho I turned up late and missed the 1st game).The 2nd was driving home I realised just how well suited AoS was a tournament game and I had a gut feeling that it was going to get way more popular than Fantasy in the coming months and years. Only problem was there was nowhere of note locally or in the North East to actually play AoS or other games.I longed to be able play anytime and on fantastic tables against people other than my 2 best mates.So with that in mind December came and I decided I was going to open my own gaming venue.

I began looking for properties big enough in the most accessible places and found the perfect place at the end of January.On the 2nd of February I started the ball rolling and after months of delay I finally got the keys on the 6th December and could start my journey.

I will use this blog to provide updates on how things are progressing.You can also follow me,battlebunkerltd, on Facebook or Twitter, @Battle Bunker Ltd

I will be doing all this on my own pretty much but did have my best mate @Kanamorf help me out yesterday which was awesome.

Pic below show where I am at including my wife and daughters playing shop on the counter I'm building :)








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