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The Age of Myth




The singing valley of Chamon was known since the Age of Myth. It received it's name by the countless hammer mills build into the valley's flanks, which were power by small water streams. Day and night they were working to create fine blades and tools, with countless hammers hitting the anvils, never getting tired thanks to the waterpower. That constant smiting caused the sound the inhabitants of the valley proudly considered to be their song. 

Whereas other regions in Chamon created spectacular wonders by the power of constantly increasing magic, the inhabitants of the singing valley disregarded that possession, but focused instead on further perfecting their blacksmith skills, maybe a relict of their contacts with the duardin ancestors in the past, who also seemed to have taught them a lot about the art of smiting.

Most of the common people of the valley did not know, that the ruling family itself had magic abilities, which were passed on from one generation to it's next. But it was tradition and unspoken law, that those magic powers remain secret and were only used to hide the valley from the other regions of Chamon, as their magic experiments and megalomania were watched with growing concerns. 

Despite its increasing isolation within Chamon, the singing valley was not completely cut of from trade and exchange, as a small and mostly unknown realm gate connected it with Shyish, the Realm of Death. The human tribes living on the other side where trustworthy and honest, so a good trading relationship was established, from which both sides benefited for years and years, with the world not noticing this hidden place. 

Not much else is preserved from that time, only one handwritten map, drawn with much haste but little efforts, showing the old capitol and some important other landmarks





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