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A start on the Runefather




Hello guys,

I've made a start on my Magmadroth mounted runefather. I've put a lot of the basecoats down, and done a bit of work on the carapace. I did a lot of experiments and this is what I came up with, orange/bone scales and black skin. A tad unsure on it, but I'll stick with it and see how it turns out. 


Working on the base for this one is exciting. A year or so I collected a bag of driftwood while at the seaside and I've been keen to make use of it, and found my first opportunity with this guy to make a large rock for him to stand on. I think it'll look great drybrushed up and covered in snow.

The runefather itself is a lovely little thing, lots of detail. I've left him off the seat (and the magmadroth off the base) for ease of painting.

Will post when I've made a bit more progress.

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