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Venomtongue Spiderfang of the Wyssan Wood: Part 1

Thomas Lyons



“In the dark fetid corners of Ghur you will find the Wyssan Wood. Dwelling amongst its primeval depths reside the Venomtongue Spiderfang grot tribes.  These feather-bedecked grots have mastered all manner of webbed horrors: the stealthy, bone-armored Spinebacks, the lightning-fast striped Wolfhunters, and the bulbous Purple Skullbacks.  Swarms of mottled spiderlings are prodded ahead of the creeping horde and mountainous Arachnaroks bring up the rear.  But the horrors do not end there, for supporting their hordes are rickety weapons of war crafted from moss-covered stones, rotten boughs, and sticky webbing of the children of the Feaster from Beyond.  Our scouts suggest that even greater horrors have yet to pour forth from the tangled depths of the Wyssan Wood!    Woe be to the realms if the Venomtongue tribes of the Wyssan Wood ever unite with Spittlegit or even, blessed Azyr, the Ironjawz hordes of Gordrakk!  May Sigmar never let it be!“


-Lord Castellant Rhemus of the Astral Templars

This is an introduction to my Spiderfang Grot forces.  I started these a couple years ago during 8th edition (hence the bases) and plan to take them back up again once the Spiderfang release drops (we know it is coming GW; just make it happen next week...please).  I have tons of unpainted models but I'm only posting what I currently have done.

A bit of background: Ever since coming upon the Arachnarok kit a couple years ago, I’ve fallen in love with the forest grot aesthetic.  While initally saddened to find only 3 Spiderfang kits available, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to build this force, using conversions, from the ground up.  Back in 8th, it was a generic O&G force, and I used a bunch of models as counts-as to be able to field an effective army of all forest goblins.

Currently, my completed models from this force are as follows: 

  • Arachnarok with a Shaman and a Catchweb Spidershrine
  • Grot Chukka
  • 10 Spineback Spider Riders (were my Deff Creepers in 8th)
  • Doom Diver
  • Lobba
  • Rogue Idol of Gork (or Mork)
  • 40+ Savage Grot Berserkers with Big Stabba (Counted as Savage Orks)
  • 40+ Spider Swarm with Spider Herders (Counted as a Squig Herd with Handlers)
  • Savage Grot Shaman

A lot of this is harder to use with new synergies in AoS but I look forward to GW expanding their forces so I can return to this army.  Enjoy the photos and I look forward to your feedback!




Deff Creepers.jpg

Spider Swarm Herd.JPG

Swarm front.JPG




Rogue Idol.JPG

Savage Grot Shaman.JPG

Savage Grot Horde.JPG

Swarm front.JPG

Spider Swarm Herd.JPG

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Recommended Comments

Very sweet army!

Love the conversions of the artillery and spider crew. 

As you can see I'm also a fan of the Rogue Idol - I like your diorama.


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On November 1, 2016 at 6:35 AM, Slaanesh said:

Very cool and nice looking army!!


On November 1, 2016 at 6:54 AM, Nico said:

Very sweet army!

Love the conversions of the artillery and spider crew. 

As you can see I'm also a fan of the Rogue Idol - I like your diorama.


You have to basically covert everything when there are only two kits :-) I really love the Rogue Idol model too, although it is a bummer it only bonuses greenskin orcs now :-(

4 hours ago, Pjschard said:

Lots of Great Conversions in there!! 



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