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Vanguard trolls




Hey there dear reader!

Grab a seat and get ready to be blown away by tactical genius. Beginning of this month I managed to get myself to a small one day event in Sydney.

Going into the event I knew the points would be 1k and that we'd be playing:

Take and hold

blood and glory


Originally I was going to come to the tournament with a Galrauch led beastmen list. unfortunately 2 days before the tournament my galrauch still hadn't arrived so I had to switch to a troll army and decided to take:

Troll hag

3 river troggoths

3 sourbreath troggoths

20 gitmob grots - banner, boss, bows

20 gitmob grots - banner, boss, bows

So in two days I was able to get most of the models painted to a very basic tabletop standard:14875034_10154550763734462_137607185_n.jpg:

I went for a swamp style and to compliment that look I decided to use the Hobbit goblins as my gitmob. They require more work with modelling on bows etc, but I think they look pretty cool.

The trek to the place took me 3 hours and when I arrived I was told there were 7 players and that one would need to have a bye to begin with. I volunteered cause I was wrecked after travelling that far haha. I was promptly told it would be random and instead I was matched up against a woodelf themed undead army:


So his list from memory was:

vamp lord - he took the power that increases the deathless save to 5+, he also had wings

2 units of 5 blood knights

1 unit of 5 hex wraiths

10 zombies

10 zombies

The scenario was take and hold. I mobbed 20 goblins around my objective with my trolls setup behind them. The other 20 goblins I sent forward to see what blood knights do. I've never versed them before and it turns out they make goblins explode haha. All 20 are charged in his turn one and are wiped out.

I win priority and send my troll hag off to beat up his hex wraiths, figuring that she could kill them in one go with her vomit attack and close combat attacks.

I then send my river trolls and sourbreath trolls over to try and hold off the 2 units of blood knights and vamp threatening my objective. It turns out that hex wraiths ignore rend and my troll hag ends up tied in combat with them. My trolls roll fairly badly and only manage to kill 2 blood knights from one unit after shooting and sending in the sourbreaths.

in his turn he kills my sourbreaths with a counter charge from a second blood knight unit and one of the two knights I killed comes back to life. The troll hag finishes up the hex wraiths.

I win priority again and decide that the vamp lord just makes blood knights too strong and spit on him and kill him with the troll hag. I shift the river trolls in an attempt to stop these blood knights from taking my objective.

In his turn they charge and kill both the river trolls and the 20 man goblin unit, at this point the blood knights are back at full strength. I think the game is over, but it turns out the troll hag has been masterfully placed (on purpose of course...) to contest my objective. So over the next few turns she beats up blood knights finishing one unit off. The game ends and we go to victory points which he wins on by 20pts. game one Loss for the trolls!

Game two I didn't get a chance to get a picture of his army, but it was a poor showing for the trolls. He had from memory:

Verminlord deceiver


3 warpfire stormfiends

20 clanrats

10 clan rats

this one was the 4 objectives need to be captured to win. I knew going in that I needed to kill sayl. He wins first deployment and places Sayl. I mindlessly setup my troll hag opposite, even though there was a rock formation completely hiding sayl from me and a choke point that my base size coupled with my other trolls wouldn't be able to get through. He wins first turn and places 10 clan rats forward using Sayl's fly move. I shift forward a bit and blow them up. Turns out the verminlord deceiver has this spell where he can just appear anywhere he likes, he pops up behind my troll hag, sayl flies the stormfiends forward and they toast the troll hag. From then on out the army falls apart and he wins a major victory, the game finishing with a heroic charge from 20 gobbos into his clanrats hoping to either tie them up or wipe them (neither happens, they just die haha).

For the third round I'm given that bye I asked for at the start of the day haha. Turns out it counted as a minor win, so I end the day on 2 losses and a minor win :P. I also win best painted, I think mainly cause my army was themed and everyone likes the old sloppy ******.

1st place was a bone splitters force, from memory it had:

1 warboss

2-3 shamans

30 Archers

2* 10 spearman (one unit may have been 20, not sure)

2nd place was a deathrattle formation, from memory:

wight king - cloak of shadows

5 black knights

10 grave guard

20 skeletons

10 skeletons

outside of the formation

skull catapult


all in all was a fun day and I enjoyed the troll army. Even though I didn't win, when my bellow at one unit of trolls and battlebrew combo went off it was glorious to see the dmg the vomit dishes out.

I'm thinking for the next one I might bring:

Troll Hag

3 river trolls

20 gitmob grots

30 choppa and shield orruks with full command

One last shot of the glorious losers:


Thanks for reading, hopefully the troll sagas will return shortly :).

Crispen out






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