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Blog Introduction






Welcome to the Hinterlands. In this blog you'll find painted miniatures, fluff, rules and more, all for Age of Sigmar! 

Some of you may have followed my previous blog over on Dakkadakka ("Siegfried's Desperados" - link), this is my attempt to start a new blog that is on both TGA and Dakkadakka simultaneously.

It is also my attempt to make my best blog to date! It's going to revolve around big monthly updates, so it will hopefully be something to look forward to (like a White Dwarf, but the subscription is free!). I am trying to make everything as professional looking as possible because I would love to eventually work for Games Workshop's design team :-) 

If you followed my last blog Age of Sigmar - Siegfried's Desperados, you can expect the same great content but this time with a widened scope. I'll be building multiple armies now (at least one for each of the Grand Alliances) as well as sharing other types of media like custom battleplans and PDF downloads! So stay tuned. 

More to come...



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