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Glade Riders - WIP




Glade Riders - WIP

"Whether firing backwards whilst riding full pelt through deep woods, or darting through the ranks of surprised enemy outriders, Glade riders routinely survive their escapades unscathed through a formidable combination of graceful skill and unflappable confidence..."

Today I started progress on my wanderer's... I decided to start with some glade riders. 

The models are beautiful, although the lack of poses on the horses is slightly annoying. The riders will be coming up next and I can't wait to really get stuck into the details.



First of all, I'm going to paint a red/orange autumnal scheme. I'm not much of a 'traditional' army painter and like to paint colours which I feel make the models 'pop'.



The horses are going to be dark in colour: varying textures of brown or black.



I've got to say though the 35mm x 60mm bases are aesthetic as! Can't wait to base these guys. I'm thinking forest themed with some fading green grass/flock/moss for contrast.





More pictures to come, going to add some tattoo's to the models. High resolution photos will also start appearing soon (especially once finished with more detail).


P.s. There is also an old school great stag which I can't wait to work on. I figure I'll make progress on this when I get kicking into some wild riders.


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Great job on  those horses so far. They are really coming on nicely. Make sure that you post more pictures as the army progresses. 

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