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Do you choose the gore or does the gore choose you?



I have been engaging in some vigorous brushing over the last few weeks and once I got my hair just right I banged out a few mini's too, ha!

I love Khorne and have had both a 40k and WFB Khorne army in the past, but they were always basically unplayable in mono-god lists so I strayed, but when Gorechosen game out I couldn't resist! After getting the free WD Slaughter priest I hit the eBay and picked up the remaining 3 models I needed to make the full 8 Gorechosen of Khorne.


These guys were a blast to paint and brushing on all that red, brass and blood certainly made me feel nostalgic towards the Blood God... in fact... I may have accidentally purchased Skarbrand, because, you know, battleline is for wimps.

As for Gorechosen itself, what a great game. I played with my usual crew and old rivalries quickly resurfaced, backs were stabbed , retreats mocked and many skulls were taken! The best moments, amongst many, were a one shot Flamvil to a Slaughter Priests face (21 damage) and switcheroo out of an axe sandwich (a bit of a Tzeentchy move, but garnered skulls and victory, so...). 5 stars from me, easy to learn, you are always making risk based decisions and you are still in the game once you've been killed.

Next project is finally starting Silver Tower. A party of all Khorne "heroes" is highly likely.


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