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An Introduction



In the past I have tried to get into the hobby that I use to love to play as a teenage kid. Some attempts have been more successful than others. Three years ago I managed to paint up a sizeable high elf army. I enjoy painting and wanted to do a good job. It took a year to paint and by the time I got near it's completion my interest waned and real life took hold.  The large of rules and time everything took wasn't compatible with my lifestyle and short attention span.

If you want you can check out my old painting blog over at Bad Dice forums: http://baddice.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2099 



I was excited to hear about the launch of AOS. Firstly, the 4 page rules and "dumbed down" game play sounded appealing. I liked the idea of everyone starting out together, levelling the playing field a little. However I never got around to sticking my toe in. What spare hobby time I did have was spent painting the odd miniature here and there but never anything AOS. 

It wasn't till last month when away for a short break in Cornwall I popped into their local GW store. I would normally keep away from stores a few years back for fear of the pushing selling staff; however my recently experiences have actually been really positive. We had a good chat with the staff there (I think his name was John?), the Mrs showed an interest and picked out a few models she likes and kindly brought me the AOS start box .

This time I thought I would try and approach things a little differently than my last foray into hobbying. I tweeted in hope of finding local players who fancied a game and a beer, luckily this was re-tweeted out by a few people in the community with big followings and have now arranged to hook up with a few local players. We have agreed to meet and play a few smallish skirmish games so we can get playing and build up a little at a time. I also popped into my local GW store in Bath and had a great chat to Robin. He has pointed me in the direction of a local club as well as inviting me down for his Thursdays game night at sore.  My plan is to drop by both in the coming months. 


I am planning on getting the Stormcast from the starter set painted quickly so I can play straight away. Whilst doing this, it allows me time to get to find out more about the story and decide what army I would like to a better standard. I have got myself the handbook, the war storm novel and the getting started book (which was surprisingly good, as well as excellent value). I am well on my way to doing this.

This week I have have got 8 liberators and one Prosecutor finished. The Mrs really liked the "Hammer Angel" model, so that was the first one to hit the desk. I have also bumped out one base colour & wash on the 3 Retributors and the 2 Liberator-Primes and my plan is to finish these for the end of the week. Again not my finest work but it will get me playing and enjoying other parts of the hobby. I have started on the base and hope to have that finished this week .... if the filler ever dries. 


If you have any helpful hints or advice about getting back into the hobby I would love to hear it. And if you live local please feel free to get in touch, it would be great hearing from you. 







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Woah! The Stormcast are looking good, and that High Elf is amazing. Definitely need to get a game sorted in November. Let me know how it goes if you pop along to the Bath store game night too.

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Cheers @Splitbristle. I'm not happy with the Stormcast but they will defiantly be ready for November at that is my main concern. Do you think you will have enough painted by then?

I do love my elf army but don't have to patience at the moment to rebase them. I'm keen to start an army that is going to have some AOS releases. In the mean time I'm going to continue squeezing out some Stormcast.

We could do a Bath games night @ GW or Pigmar. Pigmar has the bonus of a bar which I find conducive to good gaming. I did pop into town on Thursday, but had forgot that North Parade is closed so ended up spending an hour in traffic. Urghh! >:(


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@Chrisdanish yeah I should be able to get up to at least 1000pts over the next few weeks. All I have left for that is a Lord of Plagues, Rotbringers Sorcerer and 3 Beasts of Nurgle (not sure I could use those in the GW store as they are made by Titan-Forge!). Hoping to get cracking on all of those this week.

Bath traffic is shocking, I have to deal with it every day so I feel your pain! We could sort a Pigmar Thursday if that works? The usual club night of a Tuesday is out for me sorry. Beer is always great too! They have some decent scenery and mats there iirc.

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@Splitbristle Ops, Completely forgot about Tuesdays. I look forward to seeing your nurgle army! Don't think I will have 1000pts by the start of November but will definitely be past 500!

Oh, I feel your pain. I lost my cool after about 10 mins of stationary traffic. If I get time I might try and pop by Pigmar on this Tuesday or next to see how we go about booking tables and borrowing terrain.


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@Chrisdanish Yeah sorry, stuff on Tuesdays for me. Best bet for booking stuff is either the Pigmar forum or their Facebook group. The latter might be the preferred way to book a Thursday table, but I think it's just a turn up and see deal that day.

Nurgle stuff is here:

The next couple of pics are mine too. As you can see I'm a pretty bad painter but having fun learning!

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