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Time is flying by this month!

So with the new White Dwarf enjoying awesome, and deserved, success, I have cracked on and finished my free slaughterpriest for my bloodbound. I have admittedly already painted one up for my warband so this time I thought I would add another character.

The aspiring Deathbringer is currently being sold with the old Champion of Khorne model so I thought I would update is presence on the battlefield with something new.

May I present my Aspiring Deathbringer of khorne.


I am extremely pleased with the finished model and I have received some extremely generous comments an Facebook and twitter.

I can't stress enough how important it is to keep painting if you want to improve. I've been trying to do at least 1/2 hour a day to keep a brush in my hand and I hope its paying off!  

Hes going to get a flash picture for the competition running on TGA and then we'll see how I fare.

My next project is the Mighty Lord of Khorne and a blood Stoker and assembling blood warriors, but that's for another blog entry...

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Created an account just to ask you how you did this! Its amazing!

What colours did you use for the skin and for the red? Fantastic highlighting work. 

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Cheers matey, totally flattered! :)

To be honest I followed the painting tutorial from Warhammer TV for the flesh initially. Using thin coats over a black undercoat. Rakarth flesh in 2 coats followed by flayed one flesh in 2 coats. the aim to get a nice smooth skin. After this I washed it all with reikland flesh shade, but thinned with lahmian medium to keep the colour less vibrant. after this it was a case of layering flayed one flesh where I wanted it and working up to pure white in the highest spots. I then added another layer of shading in the really deep recesses using firstly carroburg crimson and then druchii violet, thinned again, to alter the skin tone.

And that's it to be honest. Just took my time and thinned my paints. I've learnt to be very...more patient with my painting... ;)

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17 hours ago, BrAiKo said:

Nice work.  Wondering what you used for the glowing effect on the axe rune?

Hi, Cheers for the comment :)

The axe was pretty straight forwards. Using thinned paints I started with khorne red, followed by evil sunz scarlet. I added kislev flesh to evil sunz for the first highlight and then pure kislev as the edge highlight. thinned evil sunz was used for the slight glow on the blade.

That's it really. I tried to keep it simple :)

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You've done a great job on this guy, the conversion is really subtle and effective and the red has turned out really nice. Good work!

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