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...and continue!

Tim the Enchanter


After a few crazy weeks at work I return!!

Finally got some hobby in this week and finished all the base coats and shading on my first batch of blood reavers.

image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegI am really enjoying building my bloodbound. AoS is infectious! My small warband is growing and creating its own character as I paint up units and characters.

Ive managed to catch up on all my pod casts and particularly annoying recent topics regarding painting time and optimising painting opportunities.

picked up my new white dwarf, dropped it in water, bought another and now have 2 awesome slaughterpriest to play with.

With Mr Curry announcing a fun painting comp this month with the free model I thought I'd have a go.

image.jpegI'm going to try something completely different with this guy and try a different colour pallette.

I really want to improve my painting so any opportunity to do it, like competitions, is an excellent way to help me.

Talking of new white dwarf, WOW!!, it's so awesome! This last year has brought my hobby back to when I was just starting out and everything was exciting, looking forward to every release and nugget of newness. I'm even sniffing every new book again ;D

GW for life!!

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