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Phase 2: Khalida WIP

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Darth Alec


Featuring basecoat and advanced WIP!



Finally started this model. When I started back in the day , she was one of the real beauties of the Tomb Kings faction. The sort of model you didn't buy, but wish you were good enough to justify doing so. I feel like I'm there now. Trying a new marble technique on the face and body, so that's exciting. It's the marble guide from Duncan over at Warhammer TV, but it should be really good. The basecoat shows the major elements; bandages, marble, metal, cape and skull. It's not a complex model, but the pose is excellent and very evocative. I made the base very simple, as I didn't want it to detract from the elegance of the model.





So this is a fairly advanced WIP. Spent a few hours on it. Cape is largely done, as is the bandages. The bandages look very plain right now, but there's a brilliant detail that will help with that. Along the arms and one leg, there's snakes crawling. I intend to paint them as various Asps, which will break up the monotonous colours of the bandaging. The metal I think is done, might add another highlight though. The marbling is only 40% done, so a bit of work left there. The staff I will need to do some research on. I am hoping to get a reasonably accurate egyptian staff look, transitioning smoothly into an asp at the top.  Will also add a green sheen to the left hand, as it's described as filled with snake venom in the fluff.

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