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Tales of Gamer

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When the Tales of Gamer was first introduced  I jumped straight in. I knew that I was going to build a Sylvaneth army.

I had just picked up some Ironjaws and had started getting into AOS. But the annunciation of the Sylvaneth made my go and leave the Ironjaws for later.

My goal is to have 1000 GH point worth of models finished by the end of the year. Hopefully I will also have played in a Path to Glory campaign and participated in an upcoming tournament.

But first here is my great cunning plan:


Tree-Revenants 22.5 £  

Branchwych 14 £

Total 36.5 £


Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient 25  £

Sylvaneth Dryads 25  £

Total 50


Kurnoth Hunters 35 £  

Kurnoth Hunters 35 £

Total 70 £


Sylvaneth Dryads 25 £


Durthu 25 £


Catch up.

Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £


Basing and Flocking

Sylvaneth Wyldwoods 18 £

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The Dryads are now finished, so all I need now is to finish my Ancient and this months goal will be reached.

I really have been enjoying painting Sylvanths, but Im starting to feel a little fatigued.




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Great work, I love the colour scheme the green, blue and pink are really set off nicely against the dark brown parts.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the brown base rims, the colour works quite nicely but maybe black would look cleaner.

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It has been a bit of a slow month, but im still working on the army. I have almost finished my first unit of Kurnoth Hunters and is currently working on my second unit of Dryads. 

Next up is two citadel forests. 

Stay tuned for more. 

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The Kurnoth Hunters are done. Next up is a unit of 10 Dryads and two Citadel Forests.

That will bring me to about 1000 points.

I have also started thinking about the next 1000 points.

And i have come up with a plan.

I will add one more unit of Dryads, Durthu, another unit of Kurnoths and a Branchwraith.

With the Household-, Forest Folk- and Gnarlroot battalion my army will be 1960 point and I will consider it done for now.

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Long time no posting. I did actually finish the army and is now the proud owner of 2000 points of Sylvaneth.

But for the moment Im learning the ropes of AOS 2.0 with Nighthaunt. I will return to Sylvaneth at some point.



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