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Derby Wargames Monthly Challenge 4 - Tree Revenants




After having a week off on holiday I'm back on the Sylvaneth. I took these to Alliance, Ben Curry's one day event, but they were not finished at the time. They also qualify as my entry for our latest Hobby Challenge at Derby Wargames Club. When I got back I completed the banner and added the foliage so that they would fit in with the rest of the army. I went for a pale ethereal skin tone combined with bright green hair. I keep the weapons in a similar hue to hopefully give them the impression of being some what spectral in nature. I gave the blades a green glaze to tie them in more with the rest of the models. Overall I think these are great models and they are fun to paint, but they were not great in the games I used them. All I have left now are some Spite Revenants and Allarielle herself and that will be the army complete so I can start on something new (or more likely i'll be rebasing something older!)

Tree Revs.jpg

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