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A brief history of (Hammer) time

Hampshire Hammerers


A brief history of (Hammer) time

Let's start from the beginning. Not my own, or my hobby experiences, but with the beginning of the Hammerers.

Back in the day (well, 5 years actually) having moved to the cathedral city of Winchester, I regularly attended 'veterans night' at the local GW store.

The upside was knowing that every Thursday night I had a place to game & plenty of clubmates to play against. The downside was that the store would often be responsible for introducing & pairing players for the various systems available. - A noble attempt to support the hobby.

In theory, this was a great way for gamers to meet new & like-minded hobbyists in a relaxed & mutual environment. Then one week you play the power gamer with your fluff list, the week after against the economical 'proxy' player, the week after that against the player with the '30 minutes to set up' army in your 2 hour slot.

I was lucky enough to have met a fantastic group of guys through the store & on investment of a realm of battle board, we evolved into our own independent wargaming group.

Since the club began, we've played campaigns & competitions, attended team events at Warhammer world, and even dipped our toe in the independent tourney scene. 

The vision for me has always been to find & invite other members to join the group, whether traveling to their home clubs, meeting at events, or hosting them for games at Hammerer HQ. It's so fulfilling to have a great group of friends to share the hobby with, & we'd relish the opportunity to do the same for others.

We're an eclectic bunch, with our own power gamer, proxy lister & deployment centric member, with the boon of always knowing exactly which type of gamer we are facing off against.

This year, the mission is to meet, greet & become part of the wonderful new  AoS community, through as many events & other channels as possible. Joining other club nights across the country, and hopefully even hosting our own event before the years' out. 

It's an expensive hobby, & we want to make sure that each of us has an opportunity to get as much value for our time & effort as possible, making a host of new friends along the way.

So welcome, enjoy, & get in touch if your attending events throughout the year. Let us know if we can support in finding people to share the hobby with too. 

The mortal realms are in their infancy, & there's a fantastic community growing around it. What an incredible time to be a #Warmonger.


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