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Vindictors are fiddly




I mean, honestly, if the spears don't get snapped off at least once before this is over I'll be super surprised! They're not Nighthaunt fiddly but those spears are awkward! Lush models though. 

Managed to get a second layer of grey seer on this week. Finished up last night and started work on laying down the black contrast. I managed to get half the army done - the other half I'll get done tonight. It felt so good getting the grey seer stage out the way. So far I'm pretty happy with how this phase went. Using black contrast for these areas is very satisfying. I just take it straight from the pot for this and allow the natural flow of the paint to really fill in the areas. I find it can really flow into the nooks and crannies, allowing you to really see the shape and also revealing where you've went wrong, helping with the touch up stage.

Initially, for the sake of making things simple, I had decided to just do all straps in this colour as well, as you can see in the pics. Looking at it though, I've been uhming and ahing for about a week. With the new Thunderstrike stuff, there really isn't much colour to them. I want red to be one of my main colours, along with the green armour and the silver (maybe gold?) trim. With older models this isn't an issue, what with tabards and what-not. Thunderstrike though, there really isn't that much fabric. I was going to have the belt as red but then this made me look at the bags, scabbards, etc., hanging from them. Then this made me look at the straps again... I think I've pretty much decided all of these are now going to be red. This isn't really much more work and I can just redo the straps when it comes to doing all red. However, I don't really want this red to be the same red that I'll be using for tabards and plumes so I've been researching red leather, which I feel would be more fitting. I came across the following two recipes: Khorne Red - Nuln Oil - Pink Horror; Mephiston Red - Agrax - Evil Suns - Wild Rider. I think I'm leaning towards the latter as this is already the scheme I use for fabric but I'll be using Carroburg Crimson rather than Agrax. That being said, I do really like Khorne Red... that'll be a decision for next week though. 





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Whichever red leather I choose, it'll work as well for the strap behind the shield. Thinking about how to paint these has been on my mind. In the planning stage of this project I, for some unknown reason, decided to completely ignore the backside of the shields. Think I've settled on just black for the back of the shield, red leather for the strap, and then silver for the bit connecting the strap to the shield. Now I'm looking at those bolts... Those bolts were on my mind this morning as they're also on the armour. Did a quick check of GW's site to see what they do with them. For their Hammers they just leave them the same colour as the armour but the ones behind the shield are silver. Think I'll just do the same. 

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And that's all the black underarmour complete - whoop whoop!

Just for the sake of another pic, here's my Annihilator. Took a punt, using contrast black for the shield. As a base, I'm chuffed with how it came out. 

Won't be painting again until next Monday now. Next up will be more back. This time Corvus and I'll be getting the base down on the backs of the shields and the Longstrike guns... off the top of my head I think that's about it. 

Actually got a game tomorrow night so pumped for that. See how I do against giants!


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So much information! What a day. To summarise for here though, the list I was working on is now 2190. Far too high. Gonna cut 3 Longstrike, bringing it down to 1950. On the plus side, that's 3 less models to paint to get a legal army on the table. Celestial Vindicators' new rules though... they really aren't the best!

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