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Vindenspite Lore: Adalia Neverfall, the burning Pariah (WIP)




Vindenspite is home to all manner of people, from righteous warriors to dubious scoundrels, from cocky duellists to cunning tacticians it truly is a city of different people all united by a desire to survive and flourish. Though even in such a melting pot of people there are still those who are looked upon with scorn, fear or pity. One such individual is the woman known as Adalia Neverfall, the woman who should be dead many times over, the woman who most believe is damned, the woman who's innermost demon towers behind her manifest for all to see.

Adalia was once a normal woman within the city, possessing a keen Mercantile eye and a strong right hook though eventually like many others she awoke to the dream of the Glimmergate. In the dead of night she stood before it, her eyes meeting the swirling energies the held the future of her fate. She hesitated for a long while, she was no hero or anyone special really... but the gate had chosen her and she knew she had to answer its call. With a deep breath she took her steps into the gate and vanished.

It was years later when she finally emerged, though for her it had been but days, such is the potent magics of the glimmergate. She had been forever changed by her experience, where once stood one now there were two; the elven girl many had known and this new beastly monster that towered behind her, a horned creature of muscle and magic far unlike any beasts that had come to the call of the chosen. There was a darkness that lingered in the back of her eyes, one that unnerved all who saw and caused many to believe she had been possessed by some malevolent force within the gate. It was only her new ability to call forth the fabled blade of fire, Incandescence, that stopped her from being run out of town for it was a sign that no matter what forces she now shared her soul with she had at least emerged as some form of chosen from the Frostflame glade.

Adalia's new powers didn't end there, she had gained a strange form of immortality for whenever she was slain in battle she would rise again later in a burst of flames like a phoenix being reborn though every time she did the beast that tailed her seemed to grow more ferocious. Noone could decide whether she was blessed or cursed but all gave her a wide berth, avoiding her out of fear and mistrust.

On the battlefield Adalia fight alongside her beast with an otherworldly harmony of fury and strength, each part of the duo fighting together with such skill as if both shared the same mind like puppets held aloft by the same strings.

Nobody knows how the story will end for Adalia but many believe that either one day she will either die permanently or lose herself to the beast she is forever linked with.



In game Adalia and her little (big) buddy will be an anvil of apotheosis character.

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