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Celestial Vindicators




I wanted to do this blog just to reflect on the creation of my new army. I'm aiming for ca.2k (as it stands currently) of Celestial Vindicators. I was hoping to start this project when the new SCE tome came out but due to delays... who knows when that would be. I'm good to go now though so thought I'd just push ahead. No doubt the points will be all skewed by the time the book finally does come out but, hey ho, what you gonna do?

The list I'm aiming to build is a mix of of new and old. For a while now I've been stockpiling SCE due to Mortal Realms and have a vast amount available. I did buy Dominion with the intent of starting SCE in 3rd but I've no intention of buying anything new until I make some decent headway into my backlog. Essentially, although I play other games and armies, I really just want to focus in 3rd on getting a decent Stormhost up and running. That probably gives me 3 years to paint as much as I can. I'm really not the quickest painter (due to time restraints more than anything else) but will try my best as I currently don't have a fully painted AoS army. I foolishly sold off my Legions of Nagash just before Soulblight Gravelords dropped as I wanted the new shiny Death models. When everything was released though, I really didn't feel the new stuff  so decided to spend the money on Dominion and jump head first into Sigmar's finest.  

Originally I was aiming for Anvils of the Heldenhammer but during my colour testing I accidentally did a scheme that looked like the Alpha Legion in 40k (I've always wanted to create an Alpha Legion army but never got round to it). I thought it looked cool and did a bit of research and found the Celestial Vindicators. Their fluff is pretty awesome so I thought, what the hell. I really like the idea of one day also expanding into Cities and including some Devoted. If you don't know, the Vindicators went nuts in Vindicarum and massacred a whole bunch of the citizens. Consequently, those left became extremely religious to prove how loyal they are to Sigmar. The initial list I'm aiming for is: 

Lord Arcanum on foot 

Lord Imperatant

Lord Relictor 


Sequitors x5

Sequitors x5 

Vindictors x10 

Annihilators x3

Praetors x3

Vanguard Raptors - Longstrike x 6 

This comes out currently at 1985. I'm going to try and paint the whole army in one go, something I've never previously attempted before. I was always very much a unit at a time kinda guy. Who knows what this will be with the new book and who knows if it will even be viable. As of now though, I've been winning all my games with this list except against, ironically, Soulblight Gravelords. 

So my painting style to date has relied heavily on drybrushing and washes but I wanted to really challenge myself with this army. I wanted to get away from drybrushing more than anything and I decided over lockdown that I should focus on pushing my painting to the next level. I've never been a fan of the 'Eavy Metal style though (I just do not understand edge highlighting... it looks so unnatural) and about a year ago I stumbled on YouTube channels like Grimdark Compendium, Gravehammer, and Paint it Black. These chaps blew my tiny little mind and I decided there and then that I wanted to push ahead in this style. To me, not only did it align with the grimy kinda style I was used to but it also looked more natural than what is more commonly seen. Over the last year I've slowly prepared, watching turorials and buying paints, tools, etc. I've a young family and I can't commit a massive amount of time and money to the hobby anymore. It takes me a long time to get everything needed but I'm hopeful that moving forward I'll have a lot more time to paint and whatnot. I'll post weekly in here of my progress and when I get home tonight I'll post some pics of what I've got so far. 

Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to say for now. 

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My phone's knackered at the minute so can't post any picks of where this project is currently at but here are some pics (which I'd previously uploaded to TGA) of what my style was like with previous armies. 



20200407_135010 (1).jpg

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OK, hard day's graft behind me. This is the tester I did. It's rough and ready and not complete but the bits I wanted to see most are there. I'm also thinking of changing the metal armour to gold instead, to now align with the Celestial Vindicators.

So as I said above, one of the main aims of this project was to try new things and push myself. Off the top of my head, new techniques I've never done before include:






Zenithal highlighting 


There were many others I researched which I could've included but didn't want to try too much in one project. 


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