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Vindenspite: WiP Crimson Guard and the Frostqueen



So whilst for Vindenspite we have the wonderful crimson watch, the deadly gunslinging sisterhood of elite shooters their numbers just aren't enough to fill out the entire armed forces for Vindenspites attack and defence, and the Chosen and Silent Ones are far fewer in number still, as such the bulk of the Vindennian armies are filled by those of the Crimson Guard, all the brave, daring or downright crazy soldiers who train in different roles to create a well rounded force, though most of Vindenspite are skirmishers and rogues there are those who take the roles of disciplined heavy hitters, the Greatswords of the Crimson Guard.

Below are some pictures of the WiP greatsword squad along with some painted pictures of the Frostqueen








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3 hours ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

I like those conversions a lot. Are all the guns and swords from Freeguild kits or do you use 3rd party/3D printed bits?

My leftover free guild bits, I will need to probably find 3d printed bits for future ones though as these were difficult conversions (and I'm out of guns) the swords are a mix of free company and greatswords though, you get looooads spare in a greatsword box which is nice.

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