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The Herd Expands!

Kevin K



I started this Blog a couple years ago when I first started building a BoC army.  I'm doing another slow grow league and using it to finally paint the rest of the army and learn how to play in the v3 rules.  I'll post progress and battle reports here as I go.

This time.around, I have most of the models built but not painted so that will be the focus.  We are also using Anvil of Apotheosis.  My character is Cuchulag, a Beastlord on chariot, inspired by the Irish Celt legend, Cuchulain

Here is the initial 500 pts plus Cuchulag

Warscroll was built using the awsome Warscroll Designer: https://runebrush.pa-sy.com/warscroll/




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Fixed the warscroll...again

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Looks good so far, love the look of beastmen, especially the bestigors.


Was hoping with that title there would be some Dragon Ogors! Also a cool, often overlooked kit.

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2 minutes ago, CrimsonKing said:

Was hoping with that title there would be some Dragon Ogors! Also a cool, often overlooked kit.

I do too!  Look at the older posts to see my DO and Shaggoth.  When I started this army a couple years ago, my intent was to go DO heavy.  I do have two more kits, maybe the next 500 points of the league I'll build those.

This is basically an extension of the last escalation league for me to paint up the rest of the BoC army so I decided to keep the Blog title and just add to it.

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No dude sorry, I'm an idiot, I see now you have a bunch of entries before this, very nice work.

I saw the battle report went brutally, with their low-tier status It was an uphill battle, cant be helped but always good experience.
Next time try to get your monstrous core in the fray!


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