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CoS Project - Vindenspite - The Crimson Watch and the Silent Ones



The Crimson Watch

Amongst the various soldiers of fortune and swashbuckling warriors in Vindenspite there is one regiment that stands above all others in both renown and skill, the Crimson Watch. The Crimson Watch is a sisterhood whose origins date back to the founding of Vindenspite, a single squad of Aelves who were the loyal retinue of the Frostqueen herself. This sisterhood train using rifles that magically enhance their shot with flame and frost, working to unleash their volleys with deadly accuracy to stop any would-be attackers before they have a chance to get close. Due to their high reputation and peerless skill squads from the Crimson Watch will almost always be hired into Vindennian armies for both attack and defence.


The Silent Ones

Not all who return from the Glimmergate do so without the experience having drastically changed them, whilst many survivors find themselves shattered or confused from the experience of having failed to reach the frostflame glade some return as beings known as 'The Silent ones'. These people return with lips sewn shut and a dullness in their eyes, empty husks that no longer eat, drink or sleep almost like walking corpses however this is only their 'dormant' state. It was not long after the first Silent Ones began appearing that their true purpose became known, as when the scent of blood is carried in the ear and the sound of battle rings around these Silent Ones spring to life with the fury of a raging tempest. Armed with deadly spears and riding great stags of the forest these beings have been put into units of raging beserkers that smash into the ranks of foes with superhuman strength and ferocity.


In game terms the Crimson Watch will be Sisters of the Watch and the Silent Ones will be wild riders.


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