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CoS Project - Vindenspite: The Chosen




Within the city of Vindenspite there are occasions when those who are chosen by the Glimmergate emerge victorious, having made it through to the Frostflame glade and been forever changed by their experience. These individuals emerge back into the city wielding a mastery over either fire or ice alongside a powerful elemental beast that has formed an inseparable bond with them. These warriors are magically sworn to an oath of silence, never being able to speak and risk giving away the secrets of the Glimmergate.

These warriors are split into either the Flamesworn or the Frostguard and possess distinct and powerful fighting styles befitting of their newfound abilities. the Flamesworn possess an inhuman speed, running into battle alongside great four legged beasts made of fire itself and wielding enchanted halberds or lances as they crash through enemy lines in an unstoppable fury befitting their new fiery temperments. The frostguard however are much more reserved, they take to the skies atop great demi-drakes made of the coldest ice and wield enchanted firearms working in concert with their mounts to freeze entire flanks of enemy troops.

Together these warrior sects are known as the Chosen and are highly prized within a Vindenspite army, the power they lend being able to turn the tides of battle.


In game terms the flamesworn will count as Demigryph knights whilst the Frostguard will be Gyrocopters

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