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Chaos Knights rebasing




Getting started on the Knights, real life stuff has put a hold on em but getting them along.

Ive taken some shots of the basing steps. I much prefer proper large Bottle cork opposed to the flaky sheet cork often seen in dollar stores.


The bases are designed around the specific horse they work with, numbered on the bottoms.



I use carpenters glue with a long needle tube tip to get it under and around skulls and rocks.
After extracting from the sandbox and shaking, I use an exacto knife to clean the sand/debris edges. While the glue is still slightly wet it's best to press down the sand edging than to just it flick away.

When dry I liberally paint the whole thing including cork and skulls with thinned carpenters glue.


They need more work, but might still start basing the other 5 Cursed Lance Knights.



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