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CoS Project - Vindenspite - Initial Lorecrafting




Magical gateway city of ageless swashbucklers

This wonderful city name and tagline was gained from Army Name Generator - Cities of Sigmar — Realm of Plastic and once I saw it I knew it would be an amazing fit for working off lore for my next project, the project that started off simply as 'Aelves with guns'. I have put together some initial lore ideas on this city which will be cleaned up and expanded upon in later entries as I continue on this project.


The city of Vindenspite borders on the edges of civilisation within Ghyran, the abundance of life energy deeply affecting the citizens and the world around it without being so strong as to cause dangerous mutations or corruptions as much of the outer reaches of the realms will. The inhabitants of Vindenspite find that for the most part the concentration of life energy causes them to become near immortal, the ravages of time barely registering against their now heavily warped lifespans. Vindenspite itself is a strange sight to some, a city that consists mostly of Aelves though due to old ties with the Ironweld Arsenals bears a heavy assortment of artillery and firearms as opposed to the more traditional bows that many Aelves from Azyr once bore.

The city is led by an enigmatic figure known as 'The Frostqueen', a Aelven woman believed to have been one of the original founders of Vindenspite and bears such a mastery over ice magic that magical frost coats the very ground she treads. 

The citizens of Vindenspite are not ones to revere gods like many other mortals, indeed they have even been known to outright oppose the wishes of many gods of the mortal realms in spite of the danger such acts could put them in. The Vindennians do not worship any forces per say but they have a great reverence for what they believe to be the duality of life itself: the warmth and the cold. The sun and moon are often used as symbols to represent these two along with day and night, they believe that life relies on a harmonious balance of these too forces after all too much heat will burn to ashes and too much cold with freeze like a statue and as such those who follow in the pursuits of the arcane will often seek to master fire or ice magic as their first steps.

The Glimmergate:

Vindenspite itself is built around a large magical gateway known as the Glimmergate, this gate is said to lead to the only safe passage through the outer edges of Ghyran and into a place of great arcane power known as the 'Frostflame glade' where the dual forces of fire and ice are said to coalesce into one unified power. To say the journey is safe however is certainly a stretch of the truth, it is believed to be the only way to venture further into the edges without being corrupted and destroyed by the powerful magics of Ghyran that no mortal could truly withstand but it still is fraught with perils, the gate itself is fickle about who it allows to pass through it. Those chosen will receive a vision in the night and be able to pass safely, those who are not chosen however find themselves grabbed by lashing roots and dragged underground where they become fertiliser for the forests. Many who pass through do not return and those who do struggle to speak of what they encountered within, their memories of the place twisted and muddled. The survivors often tell of deadly spirits some who will tear apart the unwary and others who will try to tempt them off the safe paths to never be heard from again whilst other reports claim that those too weak of mind will find themselves having walked for days only to end up back at the gate itself. 


Unlike some cities Vindenspite does not hold the usual rank and file, heavily disciplined military approach instead often the warriors of the city fight as cunning skirmishers utilising magical blessings on their firearms to unleash volleys of frost and flame with terrifying accuracy whilst great war machines and beast-riding knights plow through enemy formations with great aggression. Battle is one of the most common ways for a Vindennian to die which for many of these effectively immortal beings is a terrifying thought but most of those in the military are of a far different mindset, the danger of battle being a thrilling rush of adrenaline as they fight against all odds to make it out alive with great stories to tell. Vindenspite itself has a mixed reputation due to this, some think they are arrogant or psychotic and others call their fighting style that of unsporting rogues whilst Vindennians themselves like to think themself the dashing swashbuckler deftly slaying an enemy with wit, skill and far more finesse than the usual depressed, grizzled line infantry of mortal soldiers.

It comes as no surprise that many regiments of Vindennian soliders are hired as mercenaries by others within the loose conglomeration of 'order' and they have recently taken to journeying alongside stormcast in dawnbringer crusades across the realms. It is said that those of the city are searching for something important and valuable and that is why they hire themselves out into various other realms and nations.


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