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The first battleline unit for my new force is now complete; a unit of 10 dire wolves. These little critters were a really quick paint, which is a relief as I have to do 30 of 'em for my 1000 pt starter force.



To keep things simple, I followed the suggested recipe from the battletome painting section, with a couple of tweaks:

Fur: Chaos Black undercoat, drybrushed with Skavenblight dinge and Stormvermin fur. A final very light drybrush n the manes and tails with Celestra Grey.

Wounds: Wazdakka red, highlighted with Tuskgor Fur. The skin around the wounds was Knight Questor Flesh highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone, and the whole thing was finished off with plenty of Blood for the Blood God technical paint.

Bone: Morghast bone, Skeleton Horde, Ushabti Bone, Screaming Skull.

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